Investor Loans

Here are some benefits of our investor programs:
– No income or job history is required.
– No personal income calculations are used to qualify.
– No limit to the number of investment properties owned or financed.
– Low debt service coverage ratio qualifications of 1.0 (qualify on the cash flow of the
property only).
– Close a loan in the U.S.-based corporation, LLC, and/or partnership.
– Loan amounts up to $5 mil.
– Unlimited cash out.
– Non-warrantable condo investments are allowed.
– Delayed financing options.
– Airbnb short-term rental income is allowed.
– As little as 20% down payment.
– Interest-only loan payment is available.
– Down to a 640 credit score.
– First-time real estate investors allowed.
– No reserves are required.